Canada needs a fair voting system that Makes Every Vote Count!

The Every Voter Counts Alliance brings together organizations and individuals in support of a fair voting system where every vote counts, independent of party interests.

A system that will:

  • Provide all citizens a real opportunity to elect a candidate according to their values
  • Reflect the choice of voters without producing skewed results that do not reflect voter intentions like false majorities and exaggerated regional divisions.
  • Produce a more diverse, inclusive, and representative parliament.
  • Respect the federal character of our country and the existing distribution of seats by province.
  • Increase voter turnout

Evidence shows only a proportional representation can achieve these goals and values.

We call on the federal government to consult with experts and Canadians, then implement a truly fair and democratic system for the 2019 federal election. A way for Canadians to choose a local representative and see their political views represented in Parliament with equal and effective votes for all.

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