A majority of Canadians want Liberals to keep their electoral reform promise: NEW POLL

For immediate release
November 4, 2016

67% of Liberal voters want the promise to be kept, Conservatives
evenly split

TORONTO – A new poll by Environics Research, commissioned by the Every Voter Counts Alliance, shows that a majority of people agree that the Liberals should keep their promise to get rid of Canada’s first-past-the-post electoral system and make every vote count. The survey was conducted online with 1,042 adults 18 years of age and over.

Support for keeping the commitment to electoral reform includes 67% of Liberal voters, 67% of NDP voters, and 74% of Green Party voters.

Only 10% of Liberal voters want the party to not follow through on electoral reform.

Conservative voters are split on the question, with 40% in support of keeping the promise, and 42% opposed.

“It’s clear that far more people want the Liberals to keep their promise on electoral reform than want them to break it,” said Katelynn Northam, electoral reform campaigner with Leadnow, one of the members of the Alliance. “There’s a clear expectation across party lines that the Liberals stay committed to this promise.”

The findings are supported by a recent analysis of the government’s electoral reform consultation process that shows most of the participants supported a move to a proportional representation system.

The analysis, undertaken by Fair Vote Canada and released yesterday, found that 88% of expert witnesses to the committee, as well as 88% of people who spoke at the committee’s open mic sessions were in favour of proportional representation. They also found that most other consultation events had a majority of speakers in favour of proportional representation. (More information on this at
“It’s clear given this poll and our recent analysis of the consultations that the Liberals have a strong mandate from the public and experts to make these reforms,” said Kelly Carmichael, Executive Director of Fair Vote Canada. “We believe the Liberals need to make an evidence-based decision and to keep their promise to make every vote count. That’s why we’re calling on them to recommend proportional representation in the committee, and then introduce the legislation to get it done.”
Other supporting organizations of the Alliance include the Broadbent Institute, the Canadian Labour Congress, the YWCA, Unifor, Institut du Nouveau Monde, Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Unlock Democracy, Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, Movement democratic nouvelle, and the Canadian Federation of Students.


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